Saturday, December 10, 2005

I never knew I had muscles there...

Well, the day after the accident and I am so sore it hurts to move. My whole neck is aching...and the top part of my neck (where my hair starts) is the most sore. I didn't even know muscles there could get so sore!!! I am still able to do most things, and of course I have had to spend most of the day typing away which seems to make my neck feel more sore. Today all the bruises are also coming out. I have a bruise on my knee, from where it slammed into the bottom part of the steering wheel panel, and the right side of my ribs, in the front, is very sore from the seat belt. I am just so happy nothing more serious happened.

Other than the few aches and pains, I feel great! I am starting to get excited to be done all the school work I have!!! I can see the start of vacation approaching!!! Yay!

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