Friday, December 9, 2005

What a day!

What a crazy day I had today!!!! So after dropping Ken off at work I made my way I was driving on Agricola I was planning my day: eat breakfast, have shower, work on paper, eat lunch, take Kali for a walk, work some more...It was all falling into place nicely in my mind. So, I got a red light, stopped and this pickup pulls up to my right and I just knew he was going to try to pass me on the inside as soon as the light went green. Sure enough, light went green and he zoomed off. At this point I slow right down to let the 'in a hurry man' take off, so I was going no more than 40-45 km/h. And seconds after I make the decision to slow down....I see a car on my left pulling up from a perpendicular street trying to cross over in fron of me to the other side! I thought "shiiiiiiiiitttttt!!!! she's not stopping!!!!" I slammed on the brakes, blare the horn....and BAM!!!! It all happened so fast I can hardly remember it. All I remember is hearing the cars crashing, the airbag hitting me in the face and this awful, horrible, toxic smell going into my lungs. For a second I thought the car was gonna catch fire, but then I realized it was coming from the airbags. I started coughing and coughing and feeling like I had to puke. Luckly, I was fine, just shaken up and the two people in the other car were both fine. So, the cops, paramedics and firefighters all came. I got checked out and was deemed "ok to go on my way" by the paramedics. The cop took my statement and then asked if I needed a taxi. He asked where I lived and since I was on the street I live on (just about 10 blocks away from my house) he said "oh you can walk". I thought to myself...I am shaking, just been in a car accident and it's freaking freezing!!! I am NOT walking! So finally he offered to drive both me and the girl from the other car home (at this point her boyfriend had already left to go to work). So I got to ride for the first time in the back of a police was king of strange. As soon as I got home I called my mom and she came over and did a reiki treatment on me which really helped relax me. I got a hold of Ken too, so he came home and luckly I was able to get in to see my doctor so she checked me out and said I was fine. Now, my neck and shoulders and back are really sore, but other than that I feel fine.

Needless to say, the rest of the day was spent talking to the insurance company. Because the girl was coming from a stop sign and I had the right of way, her insurance is going to pay the damages. Our car is going to be written off because the airbags deployed, so now we are going to have to decide what to do about getting another car! But in the meantime we have a rental so we can still get around. I also had to take a nap because I was exhausted. So, I didn't get much done on my paper. But that's ok. I will get it done some way or another!

I am just so thankful that I am ok and that the accident wasn't worse.

Here's the poor Sunfire...

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