Saturday, February 25, 2006

Daddy's litlle girl

I had a great time visiting Ken. I am back home now and miss him already...I can't wait for this bloody rotation to be over so he can come home!!! His next unit is going to be a really busy one with long hours and lots of call shifts, but I don't care because he will come home either at night or in the morning after call!!! He will be HERE and I won't have to go days without seeing him. So we only have 24 days to go! And five days until I see him again. He is coming home next weekend (for my birthday!!!), but that will be the last time he can come home until it's over on March 21...I can't wait till then!!!

Last night we went out for dinner to a mexican restaurant. It was such a cute little place and the food was just delicious. I realized though that I now have very little room for a big meal. I felt extremely full and uncomfortable after dinner so when we got back to the apartment we layed on the couch. Baby really liked the food though as she was extremely active. When I started feeling her moving around I told Ken to put his hand on my belly. I hoped that he would be able to feel her moving as I had been able to feel her on the outside a few times now. Sure enough, after a while she gave him a good round of kicks and wiggles!!! It was such an amazing moment. I loved seeing his reaction...knowing he was bonding and connecting with his little girl...oh my, it's bringing tears to my eyes as we speak!!!

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