Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Our Babymoon week

We are back from our lovely trip to the Dominican Republic. I have to say that I was a bit worried to go away while being pregnant, but in the end we all had a wonderful time and really benefited from all the relaxation!

Our trip began on March 26. We left really early in the morning which was great because we got there with enough time to fully enjoy the first day there. The weather was beautiful! It was great to feel heat!!! Even though we had a few cloudy/rainy days it was warm and they didn't last long.

The first few days there we spend by the pool and on the beach at our resort. We knew we wanted to take it easy and not spend too much money on wild excursions! On our third day there we decided to take a cab to a nearby mountain that had a cable car that went to the very top. When we arrived we were immediately approached by a group of anxious men wanting to be our guides! We randomly picked one out and he turned out to be a great guide! The trip up the mountain was amazing! It was foggy so at one point we couldn't see where we were going. And to add to the excitement we also got to experience a power outage on route up the cable!!! The cable went slack and the car started swinging back and forth! I swear my heart stopped and I thought we were going to plummet to our deaths!!! Maddie felt the excitement and started kicking away too! Luckly we didn't die (Haha!) we only hung out for about 10 minutes till the power came back. Once safely atop the mountain there was a trail we could walk on, the plant life was unbelieveable! It felt like we were in a rainforest. Our guide took us around and we got to smell the leaves of an orange, lime, mandarin and several other trees. Once our walk was done we went to a little group of shops were we bargained the price of a really pretty ring. We ended up getting a decent price (which we later found out at another jewelry store). After this we headed back down the cable (this time with no power outages!!!) and our taxi driver took us back to the resort.

I must add that practically everyone rides a motorcycle or scooter there. Even with little children. Of course no one wears helmets and we even saw guys with propane tanks on the backs!!! Pretty crazy!

On the Friday we went on another day trip to Sosua Beach which was about a half hour drive. This trip was definetely worth it!!! Away from the tourist trap were our resort was located it was great to experience the local life and a local beach. Here the waves were big and fun! Although of course I had to be extra careful of the belly and to not get tumbled (which I gracefully avoided!). We bought fresh fruit from a lady on the beach and enjoyed a refreshing lunch of fresh pineapple, cocunut and bananas. After we got enough sun, we headed to the local shops to buy some souveniers. We got pretty jewelry for good prices.

The rest of the week we spent on the resort. The last day was the hotest and we spent it by the pool sunbathing. Maddie seemed to enjoy they heat as she was extremely active all week. I also seemed to have grown a whole lot! Ken keeps telling me by belly looks huge now!

On Sunday we had to leave early for the airport only to find out that our flight was delayed 3 hours!!! But in the end we made it back home safe and sound. We had a great time, but we are glad to be back home.

I will post some pics soon!

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