Friday, March 17, 2006

Getting rear-ended is a great way to start the day...

Yes, you read right. I was in another car accident this morning. If you remember back in December another driver hit me from the side. Well today some guy rear-ended me as I was atopped waiting to enter an intersection. I was on my way to the park to take the dogs on a walk. To explain it better, there is a crazy, very poorly planned intersection where two streets merge. The cars coming from street A have to merge into 3 lanes of street B. It doesn't fail that every time I have to enter this intersection there is some idiot in front of me that gets too scared to merge and just STOPS in the middle of the road to wait for that opening to make it in. Well, in the meantime this idiot has a pile of cars building up behind him. And today, this same thing happened. Only that the idiot in front of me started to go, I also started to move up, but then suddendly he hits his brakes and stops again!!! I manage to stop in time, but the guy behind me didn't and ended up hitting my rear bumper. I heard a crack and the poor doggies in the backseat move around. So we pull over and luckly there is only a scratch on my bumper. The dogs are ok, just a bit scared and I am ok (except that I did feel my neck wiplash a bit). I didn't even look at the guys car. We exchanged information. And then as soon as I got back in my car I lost it. I started to cry from the shock of being in yet another car accident!!! What is this!!!? Are the car gods against me!!! So then I tell myself to snap out of it. There was nothing I could do, it wasn't my fault and thankfully we are all ok. Meanwhile, baby is kicking away so that makes me feel better. I decided to still take the dogs on their walk, and the whole while I had to pee so badly!!! Finally back at home I had a tea and listened to baby on the doppler. She was moving around and I could hear her beautiful heartbeat pumping away.

So I have yet another adventure to tell her about!!! Lets hope there are no more car stories to experience for a long, long time!!!

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