Friday, July 7, 2006

What's new with baby?

The last couple of weeks we have seen Maddie develop her personality more and more! She is such a fun baby! She has such cute little expressions and the noises she makes are so expressive! It's almost as if she is actually talking to us with words! I love getting to know her and what each thing she does means. She's 6 weeks now and is going through a growth spurt, which means that there are feeds which last forever! And sometimes she eats every hour or two instead of every 3. This is causing even more sleep deprivation, but we just keep reminding ourselves that it won't last forever. Plus, it is so worth it!!! Surprisingly for her age she is also able to move her head and we have seen her hold it up for a few seconds! She is truly a little superstar! We have taken her out on a few excurions, mainly to visit family, the grocery store and most recently the mall (although we didn't stay long). In a couple more weeks she will get her first set of immunizations. I think that after that I will feel a bit more comfortable taking her out to more public places, and we are also going to take her swimming!!!

She really is such a joy! We are so blessed!

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