Saturday, September 30, 2006


We have had a few more firsts since the last time I posted...

It was Ken's first time to go swimming with us. Maddie loved the water and loved having Daddy there with her.

Me and Maddie and my mom went on Maddie's first plane ride to visit family in Winnipeg. Maddie was wonderful on the plane! she is such a good baby, she makes me so proud. She only cried a little on one landing because her ears hurt, but as soon as she latched on she was good to go.

And, sadly we are also experiencing Maddie's first cold. It breaks my heart to see her so uncomfortable, I hate to think she feels icky. But I remind myself that it's only her body building up immunity and it's something she needs to do. She will get better really soon!

I also have to say that Maddie is completely different now! She no longer cries for hours on end, her colic seems to be gone. She does have the odd tummy ache here and there, but she can deal with it now. It's so cute to see her pushing to let the gas out!!!

And the best part of all is that she responds to our voices and smiles all the time! She is so cute! I just love to see her smile. Today when she woke up from her nap (I was laying next to her) she looked around the room, and then she saw me and smiled!!! It was the best feeling to know she recongnized me and was happy to see me.

I am so in love with my little daughter!! She is my pride and joy!

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