Thursday, September 7, 2006

My little fish!

I took Maddie swimming for the first time today and she loved it!!! I had a feeling she would, since she loves her baths so much. I had bought her a little bathing suit a while ago (the smallest they had was size 6 months) but when I put it on today it fit perfectly! I also put on a little t-shirt so she wouldn't get too cold. She looked so adorable! She actually had a few smiles while she was in the water. The pool we went to had a kiddie pool, where the water is kept at a comfortable 30 degrees, the only con was that you wonder if the older kids are peeing! Ah well, there's lots of chlorine to kill the bugs! We only stayed in for about 15 minutes cause Maddie started to get cranky. I actually interrrupted her nap to go swimming, so considering that, she did pretty good for her first time in the water. The swimming was enjoyable, the part after was not so much. First, the hallway from the pool to the changing rooms was chilly so Maddie was practically a little popsicle by the time we got to our locker! By then she was crying pretty hard all I wanted to do was dry her and get her warm, so I didn't get to rinse her or me in the shower. So I quickly took off her wet stuff and dried her in record time! In a couple minutes she was nice and dry, but I was even more cold and still wet! Anyways, I quickly got dried and dressed (No time for shyness!!! Luckly there was only one old lady in the changing room at that time) and as soon as I found somewhere to sit Maddie was on the breast like a moth to a light! I tell you, that little girl is addicted to boob! So, once she was soothed and had a full belly we were on our way. She slep the whole car ride home, but woke up as soon as I brought her carrier into the house. But that was a good thing cause I wanted to rinse the chlorine off her so I have her a bath. Then, she had the longest nap she has had in a while! And I got to sleep too, something that hadn't happened for a while cause her naps have become shorter and shorter. So, all in all, we had a great experience and I can tell that she is going to be a little fish! Just like I was (and still am!)!!!

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