Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Roundabout we go!

Over the last few weeks I have been doing some research on trying to find Maddie's next car seat. She is getting too big for her infant carrier, which looking back seems strange as she barely fit in it when we brought her home! Also, I am sad to say that a similar car seat did very poorly on the recent Consumer Reports car seat safety test, so needless to say, we don't want her in it much longer. So, the search has been going on. I had finally settled on my top 3: The Britax Roundabout, Britax Marathon and the Alpha Omega Elite. The Roundabout and AOE got high ratings on the CR testing. The Marathon got 3rd place. The Roundabout did the best on the CR testing, and in the price range of the Britax line, is not that expensive. So as you can see my the post name, I settled on this Roundabout and ordered it today! I love the seat cover! It will look great in our car too! I took Maddie in to a local store that sells both the Marathon and Roundabout and sat her in them to test out how she liked them. They are both very similar, with the Marathon being a bit larger (has a higher weight limit). But both of us decided that with the highest safety ratings and the fact that Maddie is likely not going to be a very large child (she most likely won't outgrow the seat before reaching the max limits), we settled on the Roundabout. Although I am looking forward to having her in a safer, more roomier seat I am going to miss a few things about the infant carrier. First, the portability. It's so great to just click her out of the base and snap her into the stroller. That way if she's asleep I don't wake her up. Also, she is so warm and bundled in her carrier, there's no need to put a snow suit on because she is well covered in a blanket and her cover (plus a coat). With the new car seat we are going to need to physically carry her in and out, and she will have to be dressed warmer because she'll go straight in the stroller. Oh well. But it does make me a bit sad because it means my baby is nearing the end of infancy. I can see why some people have lots of kiddos, I love having a baby and I know will miss it when she's older.

Maddie in her new carseat. She loves being up high and be able to see out the window!

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