Thursday, January 4, 2007

Ok, I have another one...

After considering the fact that I only had 2 resolutions, I knew there was something else I had forgotten. You know those moments where you make a mental note of "I will not do that again, at least not for a long time!"? Yeah, well I remembered that I had told myself that several times on several occasions-the occasion being: shopping. I love shopping, especially for Maddie. Ever since she came I have bought myself about 4 things!!! And she has had 3 wardrobe turnovers!!! I mean, she is growing, so no matter how much I would like the clothes to last her longer, they don't. Our favorite store is Old Navy, I don't know how we would survive our fashion life without it. They have the best baby clothes: comfortable pants, the cutest onesies and bodysuits, sweet sweaters and jackets...the list goes on. Needless to say, I have spent way, way too much money there. And sadly some of the stuff I bought she didn't even wear more than once! So my third resolution is to not shop needlessly. Right now she has enough to last her the winter, so I don't need to buy her anything. It's going to be hard to resist purchasing those cute little outfits, but I must for the good of our bank account!

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