Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Five about me

I was tagged by Stacie to describe myself in 5 words.

Here they are (in no particular order):

1. Thristy-This applies to me in two ways. 1. I'm always drinking water/juice. Ken says I drink too much and am putting a burden on my kidneys. I say, "You make milk and get back to me." And 2. I love learning, soaking up new information.

2. Curious-Sometimes I am like a child always asking "Why?", and I love to watch and wonder. I watch people, animals, clouds..etc...etc...and since 9 months ago I love watching the most amazing of all, my kiddo.

3. Obsessive-Yes, I obsess about stuff sometimes. Well most of the time. Mostly it's related to baby stuff. But other times it's health related, life related...

4. Worrier-I guess this goes with my obsessiveness.

5. Wastrel-I spend...I love to spend. I really am not as careful with money as I should be. Oh, and this also applies on an emotional level. I give. I give love, empathy,'s draining sometimes. It's all part of being a true Pisces.

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