Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Good fences make good neighbors...

If only we had a good fence! Yesterday I took Kali out to pee. As soon as I opened the door, out she rushed to greet the neighbor's dog, who happened to be sniffing around on our lawn. Her owner was nowhere in site, but I could hear her voice, it was coming from inside the house (so she was "supervising" from a distance). Kali refused to pee, I would too if a dog triple my size was on my territory, she only barked and barked. The other dog (who I learned is named "Molly" because her owner kept saying "Molly, come on, come on Molly") just kept sniffing. I could tell she was getting ready to poop. Sure enough in a matter of seconds came the classic squat, and she was doing it right on our lawn! Ok, I thought to myself "Molly's owner will surely come out baggie in hand to clean up". But nope. Seconds passed and Molly was done, and still no owner. So I called out in a nice tone of voice, "I hope you are going to pick that up." No answer, though I knew she had heard me for sure. So again, I call out a bit louder, "Excuse me, are you going to pick that up?" She replies in a sickly sweet, almost sarcastic voice, "Yeah, I'm coming right out." I could just picture her rolling her eyes and laughing silently at me. I returned the sarcasm and said "Well, thank you." Kali and I go back in. I peek out the window and she is not out there, but who really thought she would be!?

We may not always be on top of poopie cleanup (it gets done, just not every day...), but if our dogs ever went on the neighbors lawn we would clean it up right away. I guess other people don't think the same. Rotten, rotten manners. Karma will get them in the end. It always does.

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