Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A new way to procrastinate...

I have been introduced to a new sort of devilish activity...a new way for me to waste time I should be spending doing more important things (like working on my Thesis). This culprit is Facebook. Yes, you've heard of it...it's the way to keep track of friends, look up old friends, and it's really just a way to gossip. Ah, the development of igossip. Now you don't even need to actually be around people to chat, share, or find out what they're up to. I have to say though, that it is fun. For instance, I found some really, really old friends, back from the junior high days...so it was neat to see what they look like now and what they are up to. All I need know is a way to control the amount of time I spend on there!!!

And while we are on the topic of of my thesis...I am proud to say that I actually wrote quite a bit today (that's why i am allowing myself the time to blog!). So if all goes well and I keep at the pace I'm going I should be able to propose really soon!

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