Tuesday, March 6, 2007


You'd think that all baby products are safe, right? Well, in one word the answer is "No". It's scary to think, but some of the lotions, shampoos, baby wash and creams we put on our precious little ones can be full of harmful ingredients. A recent study confirms the facts advocates of cosmetic safety have been warning us about. So I went on to look into this further (I'm thirsty, remember!?), and we have decided that we will now use only all natural, organic baby products (and for us too...). In my research I found a great resource for checking the safety of our daily cosmetic and skin care products. If you are inclined to find out what's in your bathroom cabinets go check it out. I was shocked to see that almost all the products we were using for Maddie were in the "moderate" to "high" concern category! And I don't even want to get started on the stuff that I use!!! In my search for something safe to use on Maddie's young, vulnerable skin I found these (there are many more options, these are just the ones we are using now):

Avalon Organics for Baby (we have the baby nourishing lotion and the peppermint one for us)

Weleda Baby Care (we have the diaper care cream and the toothgel)

Gaia Natural Baby (Natural Baby Skin Soothing Lotion for Maddie's eczema)

Maddie has bad eczema, so I'm sure all the artificial and scented ingredients in the other stuff we used to use didn't help. So far we are liking how the new stuff is working. And I'll know I did what I could to reduce her exposure to harmful stuff. Like I told one of my friends, "We can't keep them in a bubble all their lives, but we can be informed and make choices that will help them in the long run."

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