Wednesday, March 7, 2007


We've had quite the week. It all started on Wednesday or Thursday last week when Maddie decided it was OK to start waking up at night. She had been sleeping wonderfully...a whole 9-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep for her and about 7-8 hours for Mommy and Daddy. Life was good. We were well rested and happy. Then that all went down the drain. It started taking longer to get her settled for bed, and then she was up once, then twice, then three times during the night! I started panicking! I had heard and read about sleep regression around 9 months, but was hoping we wouldn't experience it. But here we were, once again cranky during the day and totally exhausted. I wondered if it was her teeth? Could it be gas? Maybe she's hungry? Lonely? What could it be!?!?! Then the reason presented itself. At least I am thinking it's the reason (please, please let this be it and not something else!). On Friday morning my little pumpkin woke up with a cold. Yes, a cold. The horrible, annoying illness that no mother ever wants her baby to get, mostly because it's so hard to see them sick, but also because it means more work for us! And a lot of work it has been! She is having a hard time sleeping, who wouldn't with a stuffed nose and a cough! Then over the weekend her temperature went up. I have never felt her so hot! Poor baby. And down went the Motrin! Since then her temp has been back to normal, but the cough and stuffy nose persist. The last couple of days she's started to sound like she has a squeaky toy in her chest...I think I would know when it's bad enough that she would need to go see a doctor, but I have Ken on constant alert just in case! He's done several chest checks and all sounds fine...just a bit congested. So day 6 of Maddie's second cold. This one seems worse than her first cold, she didn't have a cough the first time. I hate to see her uncomfortable. I find myself wanting to cough and blow my nose more often, in an attempt to alleviate her symptoms! But, I guess it's all part of building their immune system. For now we have the warm mist humdifier, a nose-hose and lots of mommy-milk! And I think she's on the mend. Last night she slept straight through until almost 8am! She did wake up and wiggle and fuss for a few seconds, but I never had to go in and soothe her. So, hopefully it wont last much longer!

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