Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Why I love to Breastfeed...

I was looking through the journal I am keeping for Maddie and came across a list I made of why I love to Breastfeed. I started this list when we were going through a particularly rough patch (if I remember correctly it was a growth spurt combined with sleep deprivation and postpartum blues) to remind myself of the reasons why I chose to breastfeed. I though I'd share it.

Why do I love to Breastfeed?

1. Because from the first time ever she latched on, I fell in love all over again with my baby girl. It's a feeling I can't describe. She was so tiny and fragile, barely fitting in my arms. But the fact that I, myself alone, could do something to help her grow made me feel even more attached to her. Together with the way she felt in my arms and to see how she went from a crying baby to a peaceful, serene baby, I knew I was hooked.

2. Because bu-bu's (as me and Maddie like to call the breasts) are a magic weapon. I know that in any circumstance when Maddie is fussy, cranky, overtired, in pain or just in need of comfort, nursing her will fix everything in her little world. It's such an amazing transformation.

3. Because as soon as she knows we are going to nurse she gets so excited and the anticipation in her face is priceless. As soon as she's latched on she melts. It's as if she enters a tranquil place only her and I can go.

4. Because she went from a 4 lbs. baby to an 18lbs+ baby! I am so proud I didn't listen to well-meaning but useless advice some people gave me to start her on formula when she was tiny.

5. Because it has helped me emotionally and physically. With the stress of being an NICU mommy breastfeeding was a life-saver in more ways than one. It helped Maddie do so well and it helped me bond with her and feel like I was actually doing something to help her. Not to mention that I've lost all my pregnancy weight, and more.

6. Because I love being able to rub her little head and caress her little cheeks and soothe her deeper into la-la land.

7. And lastly, just because I love it! I love being a breastfeeding momma and look forward to doing it as long as we can.

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