Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ten months already!?

Today Maddie is 10 months old! As I write this, I realized that this last month went by the fastest out of all ten months! This scares me a bit because we are only 2 months away from the big 1 year! And from me going back to work...

These last ten months have been so awesome. It has really been a privilege and a blessing to watch my little girl blossom from a wee infant to the funny, sweet, cutie pie she has become. I have learned so much from her and also about myself. I think the most important thing I've learned is to trust myself...being a mother is an amazing journey and I find I enjoy it more when I let myself connect with my really be in tune with what she's trying to tell me and what she needs. That's when we are all the happiest.

Here's a little synopsis for those that haven't seen Maddie in a while and for family and friends that live away. At 10 months Maddie is:

-Eating all sorts of yummy stuff, which includes breastfeeding
-Feeding herself little cubes of soft foods
-Crawling backwards
-Rolling around all over the place
-Grabbing absolutely everything she can get her hands on and of course putting it all in her mouth
-Teething like crazy! She has 7 teeth, and I'm sure more on the way soon
-Babbling away. I love the sounds she makes! They are so wonderfully cute, sweet and some absolutely hilarious! And some of her sounds are taking shape...she says things like "Ba-ba", "Da-da", Ma-ma" and some other ones that are difficult to describe in writing
-Clicking her tongue, smacking her lips and blowing raspberries
-Pulling herself up to standing if she's sitting and has something sturdy to hold on to
-Laughing and giggling
-Shaking her head no
-Playing with her toys and very aware of her surroundings, it's amazing how interactive she is with her environment
-Dancing to music (this is bobbing up and down while sitting and moving her chest back and forth)
-Waving bye-bye
-Crinkling her nose up and sniffing and laughing at the same time
-Afraid of strangers
-Finally learning to drink from a sippy cup (I took the valve out...maybe once she gets the hang of it I'll put it back in)
-Still not taking a bottle very well and still likes it best when mommy puts her to bed
-Splashing like crazy in the tub
-Banging her little hands on's like playing drums!
Well that's the main summary...there are so many little things she does...and every day she's learning and changing even more!

Happy 10 Months Maddie!!!

Here are some pictures taken today and yesterday...

First time using our new carrier! Maddie loved it and so did I!

Goofy girl!
(See her new highchair? Heeheehee...We really love it!)

She's laughing here...she found something to be terribly funny!

There's her silly face again

Saying "Bah"...

Maddie's pondering face..." I gonna let mommy wipe my face now? Hmmm...don't think so!"

Giggling away...

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