Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It seems so strange...

I think one day Maddie finally came to the conclusion that she would throw caution to the wind and try out her feet at walking. One day, we were playing like we always do with her and she just took off! She took 5 little, wobbly steps towards Ken and then did it again, and again. Then she did it with me. She was so proud of herself and the happiness and excitement of the moment really beamed from her silly smile! My heart melts every time I see her trying to take a little step here and there...I praise her and encourage her, but I'm also a bit sad that my baby is chaging and growing so quickly. It won't be long now before she is running around getting into even more trouble...taking yet another step towards her growing independence. It seems so strange to see her standing on her own and stepping on her own. She is so small, but yet getting so big.


  1. Oh wow! Congratulations Maddie!

    And let the fun begin for mommy! ;)

  2. Isn't walking so bittersweet?


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