Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Juggling act...

I need to take holiday Christmas pictures of Maddie, an appointment is booked for Tuesday at 9:20am. Maddie has been sleeping in until 9:45am this week. Shoot! I'll have to wake her up (which I hate to do). Come to find out I have an interview to do for work, and the only time she is available is Tuesday between 9-11am. Okay...I'll rush to get the pictures done, hope Maddie behaves/cooperates and that they are running on time, get my mom to come over and watch Maddie after the pictures and I can do the interview at 10am. Ooops! My mom is not free on Tuesday at 10am, but she's free before 10am. I have no one that can watch Maddie, and her DVDs will keep her entertained for a max of 15-20min, I need at least an hour. Well, I'll have to reschedule the pictures, ask to reschedule the interview for earlier, and that way my mom can watch Maddie. Luck sides with me, thankfully! The studio has a cancellation for Friday at 9am, my interviewee is able to move it up an hour and my mom arrives right on time! Phew.

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