Monday, March 3, 2008


We finally got the guts to plan and go through with an overnight trip to Boston, baby free! With my upcoming day of birth, Ken wanted to plan something special for me, since we haven't really done anything for my birthday for a few years now. Since an overnight trip isn't really something you can surprise me with, he had to tell me well in advance! At first I wasn't sure. Then I was, then I wasn't! But in the end we decided it would be fun and we knew Maddie would be safe and sound and have lots of fun with her Abuelitos. We have friends that live there and we were very excited to see them since it's been years! So we packed our bags and hoped for the best. The way there went smoothly. Even though I had a cold, I didn't feel too bad. We arrived in Boston and the skies were clear and the sun was shining, but it was cold. We took the T and arrived at the Omni Parker House Hotel after somehow avoiding getting lost (good navigating Ken!). The Hotel was very impressive, you can tell right away that it's been around for ages! Luckily, we were able to check in early so we wouldn't have to carry around our stuff all day. Our room was very small, but with lots of character. We had a quick breakfast and then went out to explore. Boston really is a beautiful city, a mix of old and new. It did remind us of Halifax. We walked on the Freedom Trail and went to Paul Revere's house. After that we took the T to Newberry Street and met up with Ken's friend from his primary school days! They had a great time catching up and I really enjoyed meeting him and hearing all their stories! We ate at a place called Croma, the pizza was delish! After walking on Newberry St for a while, I was getting tired, and we decided to head back. We wanted to get a cab, but nowhere in sight could we find one! So we decided to walk back. It was so cold, and I was starting to feel exhausted. It was pretty cool to walk through the Boston Commons and a bit of the downtown, but I was glad to see the bed when we finally reached the Hotel! Unfortunately at this point, my sickness was starting to get to me and I didn't feel like doing anything! We had planned to meet up with my friend and her husband and go see the Blue Man Group, and I really wanted to go, so I took a couple Tylenol Cold and bundled up. It was worth it! The show was amazing! It's hard to describe what the show is about. I guess I'd have to say it was a unique mix of comedy, music, sarcasm and innocence, with some paint splashing into the audience, and with a strobe light, paper frenzy finale! They really made you feel like a kid again, I laughed so hard! After the show, we went to eat Indian food at Tantric. Being in the company of Indian food experts really payed off! We had a delicious dinner, I'm still thinking about it! A taxi drive home and a quick trip to the pharmacy closed the night. We slept pretty good, but were not able to sleep in past 7:30am!!! I guess we've been rewired! While we were getting ready, we got a call from Air Canada, telling us our flight had been cancelled in anticipation of bad weather in Halifax. Ugghhhh...So now, we had to leave 3 hours earlier and go through Montreal, with the risk of being stranded there. But it was our only option. So we re-planned our day and worked it out so that we could hang out with our friends one more time. We all went to eat brunch at Mike's City Diner. We got there right on time, as soon as we had ordered the line got 20 people long! I had the best waffles I've had in a long time and Ken ordered an omelet that was about 12 eggs big! After being stuffed full and having one last chat with our friends we took a cab to the airport where we basically began our almost day long trip back home. After a 2 hour delay in Boston we finally took off. We arrived in Montreal and hurried to the next connection, only to find out it was also delayed. We waited and waited...We heard rumours about the weather, that we might not take off, that we would take off and then have to come back...I was just hoping for the best. I just wanted to get home to my baby! After a long wait we finally boarded, and then waited for another hour on the plane. But we did take off, eventually. As we neared Halifax, everyone was getting nervous...would we land or have to head back to Montreal? Well, the pilot did an amazing job and landed us in the middle of a post-storm runway. Phew...we made it! Of course, Maddie was sleeping, but we got to see her quite a bit overnight as her cough kept her up. So now, we are back home and happy we experienced a little getaway! But so very happy to be with Maddie again!

Here are some pics of our trip:

Our room

Downtown Boston

Statue of Paul Revere

Croma after eating pizza

Boston Commons

One from the Blue Man Group

Outside the dining room at the Parker House Hotel

Mike's City Diner

Khurram, Ken, me and Zofeen

Nael, Ken and me

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