Friday, January 18, 2008

Feeling less like a zombie...

Improvements have been made in the sleep department! I am not going to give power to my superstitions and go ahead and say that we seem to be having better days with good sleep rather than not. With this whole potty training thing we think that Maddie's restlessness is due in part to feeling "full" and wanting to go to the bathroom. Also, the advice given by the wonderful Elizabeth Pantley is helping. Mostly, being consistent with bedtime, having quiet time before bed and making sure she goes to sleep on her own. The sleeping on her own part has taken a lot of persistance and patience, but now that her language seems to be exploding, we are finding that you can tell her things and she understands and responds. We say to her, "It's time for sleepy. Do you want to go in your cama?" At first she says, "Noooo." Then we say, "Ok, lets read a story," or "Let's sing a song," or "I'll tickle your back" (She loves the back cute!). I also tell her that it's night time and we have to sleep at night. I tell her we are just outside the door and that it's OK to sleep. Then she gets drowsy and when you ask her again, she nods. Adorable. She has two loveys, her bear and bunny which she simply must have to go to sleep. There are nights when she just needs to be cuddled and rocked until she's asleep, but they seem to be the minority now. All these changes leave me wondering where my tiny, 'wanting to always be held and nursed' baby has almost seems like a lifetime ago that I was truly a zombie, sleeping only in 1 or 2 hour increments. I wish I could tell my past self that it truly would change too quickly...tell myself that even though I was enjoying early motherhood to try to enjoy it even MORE! Well I guess that's why they say "you live you learn".

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  1. It's great to read that Maddie is sleeping better. I can't say the same about Kaitlynn, but I think it is due to her trying to cut one year molars.


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