Sunday, January 11, 2009


As I found out with a quick search on Wiktionari's Wikisaurus, there are so many ways to say it. The one that most caught my eye (and not for it's implication, just cause it sounds funny) was "up the duff". My favorite one was "in a family way" because it sounds so old-fashioned and proper. Hehe! Anyways, all the terms come down to the same meaning: Pregnant. Which is exactly what I am! I could also sit here and write the entire synonym lists for excited and happy, which is also what we are! But, I won't because my time is precious and currently Maddie is napping and so should I. I just wanted to share our news, finally, and post a pic of beanie and the belly (taken a couple weeks ago). The estimated date of arrival is July 4, making me 15w1d today, and which is of course assuming I go to 40 weeks. With my history, I will be surprised if I make it that far, but of course we are hoping and praying for a term delivery (at least 37 weeks!). And my docs are saying it is totally possible, so yay! If it's not, and beanie does make an early arrival, then we pray he/she is healthy and at least we're prepared for the NICU experience. For now we are focused on the present moment, and it's good, all is well, and we pray it stays that way.

Me and beanie at 13weeks

Beanie at 12w3d

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  1. That is quite possibly of the most beautiful bellies have ever seen!! ;) So thrilled for you.. beyond words!!!!!!!


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