Saturday, March 14, 2009

24 weeks!

Huh!? I feel like I was just 21 weeks the other day! I almost feel like asking time to slow down a wee bit! But I can't just means that soon we will meet this little baby, and our lives will change forever again. I'm so freaking excited!!!! I was trying to remember what I was feeling at this point in my pregnancy with Maddie, and I think overall things were pretty much the same, but I am feeling certain things sooner this time. Already my ribs are very sore and my back continues aching. And of course I am bigger too this time. I think this baby is definitely going to be bigger than Maddie. I'm also happy to report that this week has been relatively contraction free! I did have a few on and off here and there, but nothing like the other week. So as always, I will just continue to pray and very nicely ask Miss cervix to behave!

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