Saturday, March 21, 2009

After all this time...

The end of my school journey is near. WOOHOO! I had my thesis defence on March 13 and passed. It was all very surreal. I had made kind of a big deal about it, but then the day came and everything went smoothly. Usually I am a person who works better under pressure, leaving things to the last minute! But for a while I have not been doing that, I just can't afford to. I don't have that luxury anymore. Any free time is I take it when I can get it! So, I was nice and prepared for the defence and it payed off. I was given a small list of edits to complete, which I have done and are now in the hands of my supervisor for a final check, and then I can hand it in to the Faculty of Grad studies...and then, that's it! If I wasn't sitting and didn't have a near-broken back, I'd be doing a little jig of joy!

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