Monday, April 6, 2009


Life is good. We are all over the awful flu and our strength is back to normal. Maddie is back to her springy self, and me, well, back to my new "normal" as I have become a bit of a slow-poke as the belly has grown. I am now officially in the beginning of the third trimester! It is pretty unbelievable how quickly time is going! I had an U/S on April 3 to check on Ms. Cervix and the baby after I had some spotting. Thankfully all is well. Ms C. measured a good 3.9 cm! And little Mr squirmy was just fine! Dr. M said the spotting was probably from irritation from coughing so much, but thankfully that's done with. I am having my good old back pain more now, and the ribs are getting even achier, but I'd much rather be feeling these things that not! Whatever it takes to make sure he stays in there as long as possible is fine with me. In other news, I am officially done work now. So that means I have more time to spend with Maddie, pack up for our upcoming move next month, and as my mom keeps reminding me to REST. It's so tempting to want to do all these things, but the main point is for me to take it easy at this point. I am so looking forward to a change in weather too, so we can start hanging out outside more, this long winter has really taken it's toll. Well for now that's it. I am off to eat a few more girl guide cookies...

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  1. Sorry you guys were sick. I am sure you are happy not to be working. Get some rest.


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