Monday, March 30, 2009

The flu sucks

I feel like I'm finally coming out of the trenches. We got hit so bad with the flu, but thankfully we are inches away from feeling good again. It all started last Sunday when Maddie woke up with a stuffy nose. Ken had been sick with a cold the week before that, so we figured it was going to happen anyways. Well, it quickly progressed to a cough and then on Monday night she woke up in the middle of the night and vomited all over her bed...twice. So we brought her into our bed and that's where she stayed for the rest of the week. She got worse and worse each day. It was really hard to get her to take any fluids, and food was out of the question. My active, happy little kiddo was sleeping all day and so very lethargic and had lost her spark. She had a fever for two days, that we couldn't get to break until Thursday. On Friday, after trying for yet another day to get her to take fluids, we took her to the Emerg, it was clear we couldn't deal with this on our own anymore. She was so drained of energy she didn't even fuss at triage, like I know she would have if she had been just a little bit sick. We got taken in fairly quickly, I guess the triage nurse didn't like her lethargy. She got a chest x-ray, blood work and then they said she needed an IV, which I guess is a last resort for little kiddos. She did so well with the IV, and the nurses and doc were all so wonderful, which made it easier for me as her mommy. After she got her fluids she started to look a wee bit better, but not enough to make the doc 100% comfortable. So we were told to come back the next morning and get rechecked. This meant that Maddie had to go home with the IV, so they Hep-locked it and wrapped it up. I was afraid she'd try to pull at it, but she didn't even bother with it. So, on Sat she got another top-up of fluids and some more blood work. When the nurse said she was going to need another little poke, Maddie, who we all thought was asleep, said, "What are they going to poke?" This kiddo doesn't miss a beat! Then when the lab tech came to do her finger poke, Maddie looked up from being half asleep and said quietly in her sweet little voice, "I'm not going to cry." And she didn't. On Saturday afternoon she finally started eating and she kept pointing to her IV and saying, "This is where I got special water to make me feel better." It was too cute! Then when we went back on Sunday she got the IV out! Today, she was 99.9% back to her old little self, and it sure is awesome to see my happy little girl back!

Maddie and Daddy sleeping. You can see her little hand all wrapped up.

Lounging on the sofa on Saturday after coming home from the Emerg

I was also stricken by the same flu. I am feeling better today. I was a bit scared because I didn't want to get dehydrated, so I kept drinking as much as I could, which wasn't a lot for a few days. The baby was wiggling away the whole time, so I knew he was OK. Today I had a prenatal and all was well. All that lingers for both of us is a nagging, yucky cough...which I hope goes away soon because my ribs and muscles are extremely sore! I also have bouts of low BP when I move around or am standing for a long time, so my doc said to take it easy for the next while. I am VERY grateful that we are finally getting better...the flu is definitely not something to take lightly!

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