Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddie!!!

Today my little girl turned 3!!! Even though this day was coming and I was preparing for it, I'm still finding it hard to wrap my head around it. Where did the time go!? This last year in particular has seemed to fly by. But of course Maddie couldn't be happier or more proud. She holds up her 3 little fingers as a proud symbol of how much she's grown up and how much she's learned and changed. She truly is a little girl now, no longer the little baby girl she once was. Of course to us, she will always be that little four-pounder born on May 24....our little peanut.

We celebrated her birthday at the Treehouse cafe and had a blast! It was so much fun to see her have so much fun with her little friends! And it was great for me to not have to worry about anything! I highly recommend this place. After all the party fun, Maddie had a nice long nap and then it was a yummy dinner featuring Maddie's favorite: ribs!!!! Man, she can eat those! Maddie really enjoyed getting those special birthday telephone calls from my family in far off places. Then she finally decided to open her presents and she had a blast doing that too! Thanks everyone for the great gifts! Throughout the day, I could tell she was a bit shy to be getting all the attention, but she knew it was a special day, her special day. All in all, she had so much fun and so did we and now we are off to start year number four of our beautiful little daughter's life. Oh what fun we will have!!!

First thing in the morning enjoying her present from us

Party time!!!


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