Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maddie and Merlin

So Maddie and I went to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic today because she wanted to see Merlin, the pet macaw they have there. She was also on a mission to see if the "lady" would let her feed Merlin a cracker. I had tried to prepare her for either a yes or no scenario and hoped for the best. Anyways, we got there and she ran straight to his area. We spent almost the whole time chatting with him, because he does talk! He says things like hello, peek-a-boo, bye bye, good boy, and a few others I can't remember. He's pretty cute! So after a while we finally found someone we could ask about the cracker and very shyly Maddie asks if Merlin can have a cracker. The lady said sure. Next, she very shyly asked the question she had been dying to ask for so many days, "Can I help you feed Merlin?" The lady said, "Oh I'm sorry but no, he has a very sharp beak and he could bite. He even bites me sometimes and he knows me." I could see the awful disappointment in Maddie's sweet little face. She looked so devastated, but she didn't cry. I tried to perk her up and redirected her to watch Merlin eat the cracker (which by the way was a peanut in a shell) with his claws and how he opened it up. She seemed to be OK. We then walked around the rest of the museum for a bit and then it was time to go. Well later that day when we were retelling the events of our day to Ken, she said, "We saw Merlin today, but I couldn't feed him, the lady said he bites. I cried and cried." I said, "Maddie, you didn't cry." She said, "Mommy I felt it in my mouth, I was very sad." Ken and I looked at each other and had one of those "awwwww our poor baby" moments. She didn't cry at all. But she surely felt that tightening and the ball forming in your throat feeling...It really is amazing to see her be able to describe what she was feeling in a way we completely understood. Since, she has been playing that she's Merlin and that people try to feed her, but that we can't because she has a sharp beak and will bite. She even eats the "cracker" with her foot. Too cute!

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