Friday, August 7, 2009

One month

My little man is one month old tomorrow. Although it doesn't seem like time has gone by fast, when I say "one month" I can't believe it. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was desperate for him to be born! But at the same time I feel like sometimes the days go by so slowly. I think in part this is all due to the fact that I am kind of sequestered at home and dependant on having a driver and help around the house to do some things (darn c-section!!!). But I'm so close to reaching the 6 week post-partum mark when I can finally drive and lift things (and little people) over 10 lbs and vacuum and all sorts of other good stuff! In the meantime we have been having some nice weather, for a change, so we have been enjoying the outdoors. Isaac is starting to smile and coo and gurgle...little noises that I'd forgotten how cute they were! Maddie is doing wonderfully. She is still very helpful and loves her baby brother more every day. I know that very soon there are going to be those sibling moments that cause parents to blow a fuse, but for now I'm enjoying her doting on Isaac as much as she does. Well it's feeding time around here, an appointment I can't be late for!

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