Friday, November 27, 2009

Just a quick little update

We are all doing well. Thankfully we are now healthy. I ended up getting a random fever just for a day about a week and a half ago, but after that there have been no more health issues. And I really hope and pray it stays that way for a long while! Isaac is giving us a good night here and there to keep us happy and to give us hope. And of course he is smiling, babbling and being extremely cute. Hahaha! They sure know how to wrap themselves around our fingers! Maddie is amazing. It's so awesome to let yourself get lost in her world, it really is a fun place. Of course, sometimes I have to yank her back to reality! Supper time has really become quite the ordeal, but we have managed to come up with some creative solutions. Instead of her leaving the table to play in the living room, we now play at the table. I-Spy and other fun guessing games have become favorites. I am really looking forward to the Holidays, Maddie is very excited about Christmas! Next weekend we will decorate and put up our tree. Then we have a Santa visit, cookies to make, cards to send out and lots of cheer to spread around. It's pretty incredible that 2009 is nearing an end. But there's still lots of it left to enjoy!

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