Sunday, January 24, 2010

Giving up kiwi

I love kiwi fruit. It's tasty, it's easy to eat and it looks so pretty. Maddie also loves to eat kiwis. In fact, it is one of the few fruits she will eat. Ken doesn't love it per se, but he does eat them and enjoys them. However, when it comes to little Isaac, well, he eats them, but then instantly breaks out into an awful rash.

This morning we were eating breakfast and Isaac was having banana. Ken was passing him slices of it, but some of them were contaminated by bits of kiwi (from the fruit salad bowl). The poor little guy was eating voraciously, so of course, in went the kiwi. Ken reported that he saw how as soon as the kiwi touched his lips he began getting red and rashy. I went to the grocery store and resisted buying more kiwis. I can't have them in the house right now if it means Isaac is this sensitive to them. Tonight he is still red and his eczema looks very awful again. We'll have to find some other fruit to enjoy for breakfast!

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