Monday, January 25, 2010

Isaac on the mend!

It's about time I updated on how Isaac is doing...

I almost don't recognize my baby! He is feeling better, not coughing as much and his eczema looks less red and flaky (well, until yesteday morning). I have been very dilegent about making sure he has all his medicines. I am feeling good about this progress!

But the best part is that Isaac has gone from almost not sleeping to sleeping almost all night! On Wed night he fell asleep without a peep. I laid him down drowsy but awake and he didn't fuss or protest to be picked up. Then he slept until 1:30am. Yes! You read that right!!! Then he proceeded to sleep until 5am, then woke up for the day at 7:45am. He has set a new record. I on the other hand didn't sleep. I kept expecting him to wake up so I would wake myself up every time he stirred or made a sound. Well, I was pretty annoyed, but ecstatic he slept so well! Then on Thu night, he slept well again: Down at 7pm, up at 2am, 6am and then 8am. Yippee!!! Since then he has been having a similar sleep schedule. Well, until the weekend. Saturday night was weeeeird. He woke up to poop 4 times, or better said, pooping woke him up. Uggg. Then last night he was up every 2 hours trying to poop and then managing to poop eventually. But all the poops were little puney balls and unsatisfying. Plus he kept scratching his face, I'm sure it feels yucky after the kiwi incident. We are pretty tired today. Poor kid.

At morning nap time today, he was falling asleep, but then suddenly starting crying, that awful little pain-cry. He started grunting again. I gave him a minute or two and when he stopped I took him to the change table, where he proceeded to keep on pooping! Luckily I caught it with a spare wipe I had out. I took him to the potty and finally, finally he pooped like he had been wanting to! I couldn't believe so much poop could come out of such a little guy! Well I hope that's it for now. Goodness I'm annoyed with all this constant rabbit-pooping and I'm sure he is too. I hope now that he's empty (well, for now!) he'll sleep better tonight.

And I guess we are really getting into this pooping on the potty thing with him. He first went sometime a week or so ago when I noticed he was trying to poop and having a hard time. So I sat him on the toilet (i.e., potty) and he pooped! I didn't really make a big deal about it because I didn't know if it would continue or not. But since, he has gone on the potty for almost every poop last week. It's pretty interesting. This baby-led parenting sure leads me into some interesting situations! I don't mind at all, although it will be interesting to see how this develops down the road. I wonder how/if it will affect potty training when the time comes...?


  1. Congratulations on the improved sleeping! We desperately need to work on that as well. The pooping on the potty thing is very interesting! I've been fascinated by stories of EC but can't imagine doing it myself. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for dropping by :-)

    Alas, the improved sleep seems to be disappearing again! Ahh! Last night was pretty bad, but I think it's because he was so itchy from the kiwi incident. I hope he sleeps better tonight.

    I hope Andrew sleeps better too. But experience has taught me that you can't force babies to sleep, just create a peaceful sleep-inducing environment to teach them how to sleep. Eventually they all sleep through the night, even though it may seem like they never will! Good luck to you too :-)


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