Friday, February 12, 2010

The Bug Incident

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something tiny crawling on one of the pillow cases. Isaac was fast asleep and I was just about to lay him down, so I couldn't call out in disgust. But I did manage to squish it. I looked around and didn't see more, luckily. Ken thought it might be a bedbug and emailed the apartment rental company. They immediately booked an exterminator. Ken did a thorough examination of the mattress and areas around the bed and also the other 2 beds without finding a single trace of a possible bedbug problem. We also looked online and the pictures of bedbugs did not really look like it. So it seemed the extermination was not necessary and we really did not want them to fumigate. But after speaking to the company rep, she still wanted the guy to have a good look, just to make sure. If there were bedbugs I would understand having to spray, but if there weren't any I didn't want to have to deal with the aftermath of the spraying. The exterminator was a passive aggressive little man, who made us, well me, feel like a paranoid, over protective freak for getting concerned about one bug and for worrying about the spray. I admit I am protective, after all my children's health and well-being comes first over anything else, exactly why I didn't want to have them spray the whole place! Oh and he didn't take off his horrible dirty exterminator boots when he came in (I still shudder when I think about it-more on this later)! Anyways, he was pretty sure the squished bug was not a bedbug and he also looked at the mattress and did not find anything to concern him. The bug was going to be examined at their lab, but he said he was 80% sure it was not a bedbug. Phew. Who wants to deal with fumigation on their supposed vacation!? Certainly not me.

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  1. I hear yah.. You as much as I love Hawaii, but I hate dealing with bugs.hate it hate it hate it. I think that's one that I am looking forward when we live in the Mainland no more roaches,and bugs.


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