Saturday, February 13, 2010

Take off your damn shoes!

One of my pet peeves is when people don't take off their shoes upon entering into your home. I find back home, this isn't really a problem, most people do. And the rare person who doesn't usually clues in or you just have to ask. For me it's more than just a gesture of politeness, it's about keeping pollutants and dirt off my floors. My house may be somewhat cluttered but the floor is always clean, after all my kids spend a good amount of time on the floor playing! Well here nobody who was come over has initially taken off their shoes at their own will. When we arrived the guy that gave us our keys and showed us around the apartment didn't take off his shoes. Then the guy who came over to drop off and assemble the crib didn't take off his shoes. Then my uncle and cousins and the tech who came to fix the phone and the lady who came over to drop off the bedding for Maddie's bed and then the exterminator...Ahhhhh! My brain can't take it! After the first time (with the key guy, phone tech and bedding lady) I began asking people. The tech guy and my uncle and cousins have had repeat visits and they have been shoeless. But with the exterminator, he just waltzed in and well I was slightly scared of him to make the request. Hahaha! Instead I vacummed vigorously after he left. Sheesh. I hope nobody else has to come over, or if they do I have renewed gumption to request the removal of shoes.

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  1. You know you can buy those cute doormat that says "please remove your shoes." or something like that. We have lots of those here in Hawaii.


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