Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh sleep, you elusive tease...

I am trying my best to follow the wise advice of adopting a healthy nighttime parenting attitude, to make nighttime waking easier and less stressful. After all, a parent's love, nurturing and attention do not cease to exist as soon as the baby's head hits the bed. Especially if, like me, you are an attached mommy (or daddy). But sometimes I wonder if they had a baby like Isaac. I love him to bits, but he is wearing me down. It has gotten to the point were most nights I dread the oncoming bedtime, and all night battle against sleep. Sometimes I also wonder if I should even bother going to bed. And then there is a night, like last night, were he (and I) actually has a decent stretch of sleep...blissful, deep, quiet sleep...that makes it all better again. Funny how even an almost 4 hour stretch of sleep (and a couple hour stretches in between wake-ups) can make you feel renewed. Compared to him waking every 1-2 hours, it's heaven. Hopefully this very welcome sleep etiquette will continue in the nights to come. I laugh to think of what my pre-child, 12-hour-sleeping self would say if I could tell her what was in store for her in the near future...

Isaac 2 months old


  1. I hope Isaac continues to sleep longer like last night.
    I got lucky Darren sleeps longer now.


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