Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All about breasts today

Well it has happened. Maddie has asked when she will get breasts. Oh my goodness. She is only 3.5! Well it was all very innocent and actually quite cute. This morning she put two toy apples under her shirt and said, "I look like you!" I said, "Oh wow. Yes you do. They are called breasts." Well that was the end of that. Then later she lifted up her shirt and said, "Oh I do have nu-nu's, but why are they not bumpy like you?" "Well," I said, "Those are called nipples and the bumps are called breasts and you get those when you are older." She seemed satisfied with that answer at the time. However, during lunch she was trying to hide something in her shirt for some reason and said, "Oh, why don't I have a hole like you do?" I asked her what she was talking about. She then pointed to my cleavage and asked what it was called, so I told her. She then said, "When am I going to have cleeevege?" Hahaha! I'm dreading the teenage years already!


  1. Oh my goodness,it's too funny but scary at the same time.Gosh they are growing up too fast.


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