Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Isaac's Cute Tricks

Over the last few weeks Isaac has been changing so much. It seems like he's changing so quickly, time does really go by much too fast. I thought I should take a moment to write them down as I sure don't want to forget them all!

Isaac's personality is very inquisitive. He will spend time looking at a toy or an object trying to figure it out. My mom calls him a little scientist. One thing is for sure, he is very curious and I'm sure he will be the little boy who takes a toy apart just to put it back together. This curiosity also extends to the exploration of his surroundings. He has very little fear and is daring and much more of a risk taker than Maddie was. He has already gotten hurt more times than I can count! He is also a smacker, pincher and bra strap snapper! Yep, he's a boy through and through! But he's also very cuddly and loving. His astrological sign is Cancer, and I can certainly see some of those traits already coming through.

One day he invented a new game. We call it the up-down game. While sitting in his highchair he will bend his head down and when you say "up" he will sit back up. We can do that for minutes at a time. It's a great way to keep him happy and distracted while we are all eating supper.

He now says "Mama" and I think he actually means what he says. When he wants to be picked up he will start saying it and also when he's hungry. Pretty much whenever he wants something he will say "Mama". He can say "Dada" as well. He has been able to say that for quite some time, but I think he only recently started associating the word with Daddy. It's way too cute!

He plays "La Mocita" (a Spanish singing game where you sing: "La Mocita, La Calabacita" and the baby learns to touch their head repeatedly as you sing), he started doing this while we were away in Houston and it's only gotten cuter. All you have to say now is, "La..." and he'll immediately start touching his head!

He waves when you say "Bye-Bye/Hi" or "Hola/Adios". I just love watching his cute, chubby little hand opening and closing!

He is trying to sign "More". He can sign "Milk" but I think he associates it more with drinking in general. We are really working on his signs now. He stares at his hands, almost like he's thinking about figuring out how to do it. I'm sure one day soon he will!

He is rolling around like crazy and also scooting all over the place on his bum. He tucks one leg to the back and uses it to push himself around. It's actually to the point where he will be here one second and over there the next. Time to put up the baby gates!!!

He loves to read stories, especially ones with flaps to open. His favorite is "Where's Spot". He knows exactly how each flap opens up, it's really cute to watch his intent little face.

He can give kisses!!! This is my absolute favorite! If you say "Can I have a kiss?" He will open his mouth a bit (yep, open mouth, wet kisses! The best kind!) and he plops a nice wet one right on your cheek. So cute!!!

Maddie just adores him! He is really lucky to have such a wonderful, caring big sister. She is teaching him so much and loves taking care of him. I am lucky too because I don't have to worry about them playing together and don't constantly have to be the referee!

I love my kiddos!!!

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