Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring clean more than just dust bunnies...

This Spring when you get the urge to clear out Winter's clutter and dust don't forget to take a look through your cabinets at your cosmetics. You might be surprised to see what yuckies are lurking there...

Here's an article from EWG's blog listing the 6 most yucky ingredients that you should try to avoid: "Spring Clean Your Cosmetics" It only takes a few minutes to read it, but you have much to gain from this info.

Here's a list of some of my favorite personal care products:

Baby Balm (Rash/Irritation Cream) by Anointment (anointment also makes wonderful handcrafted soaps, body butters, lip balms and more and can be bought through Nurtured and other retailers).

Body Butter by Rocky Mountain Soap Company (great for eczema and really dry skin).

Deodorant by Rocky Mountain Soap Co. (Finding a deodorant has been tricky! My friend Taryn and I have tried and tested so many kinds! But so far this is my favorite, and I think it's hers too. Soon I will try the one from Green Beaver and see how it works).

Face Cream by Green Beaver

Hair styling products by Giovanni (Atlantic Superstore carries this line).

Hand and Body Soap by Rocky Mountain Soap Co. (their baby soap is fabulously gentle yet effective!)

Hand & Body Lotions by Green Beaver

Shampoo and Conditioner by Green Beaver (cranberry is my favorite!)

Toothpaste by Green Beaver (Wowie! This toothpaste is intensely good! A little goes a long way).

Green Beaver also makes lip balms, lip shimmers and they have a new men's line. Their products can be found at the Healthy Bug (if they don't have something you want in stock, they are more than happy to bring it in for you).

When it comes to make-up it's been harder to find stuff that works but that's also safe. So far Jane Iredale's make-up line is the most effective and safest my friend and I have found (thanks again to Taryn for introducing me to it!). I've also heard of the make-up line by Lavera, which I will give a try someday soon to see how I like it. You can buy Jane Iredale products at any Summit Spa location. The Lavera line is on sale at The Healthy Bug.

For those living in the USA there are many, many options for cleaner cosmetics. Aubrey Organics (widely available, you can even buy online) makes a full line of facial creams, hair care products and even make-up. Avalon Organics is also another company that offers many care products and they also have a wonderful baby care products line. Here in Canada some stores also carry products from both of these companies.

If you'd like to do your own search check out EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. You can look up safe cosmetics and care products and also look up your current products to see how they rank.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


  1. Our favs lists are almost identical!! ;) FYI on the much as I LOVE Green Beaver, I'm not a fan of their deo. Didn't have good luck with it. I've tried two different scents and it just didn't work for me. I know my SIL & her sister didn't have great luck with it either. I've had some luck with Dr.Mist, which you can find at Superstore, Planet O & other places.

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  3. Taryn,
    Good to know about the GB deo. So I guess the Rocky Mountain remains the winner for me!


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