Monday, May 3, 2010

Evolution of the scoot...

Little Isaac is on the move! One second he'll be way over there playing and the next he'll be at my legs trying to pull to stand. How did he get here so fast!? It seems just like yesterday he was a little 7 pound bundle.

When he turned 8 months he still had no interest in moving around. He was happy to play in his exersaucer or bounce around in his jolly jumper. I kept reading about all these babies his age who were already crawling and pulling to stand and I have to admit that I started to worry why Isaac wasn't doing something. Then I calmed down and realized that he was doing other things other than developing his mobility. He was already waving bye-bye, saying "Mama" and "Dada", playing some finger play games, etc. So I knew he was just busy developing other areas and that his mobility would come eventually. And actually I realized not having to chase him around and worry about baby proofing was a good thing for now. But I did start sitting him down on the floor more to play instead of putting him in the exersaucer. And within a few weeks he took off. First he would move around by using his legs, he would kick them up and down and somehow manage to get from point A to B, slowly but surely. Then, he found out he could lean forward (this after many a face plants) and use his arms to help his legs push and pull himself around. Now, he has mastered and perfected the arm and bum scoot and gets around with impressive speed! It looks quite funny actually, he uses one leg behind and one tucked in front and then pulls with his arms. It's just amazing how quickly they learn and change. And of course, the first things he goes for are the power outlets, cables and the stairs, oh and any toy that Maddie is playing with at the time. Oh boys!

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  1. Omg he is on the move!! Trouble! LOL! He is soo cute at least from behind ;). Is Maddie sharing her toys? Aww sibling rivalry I know it well ;) ;)


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