Sunday, May 2, 2010

Four minus one (great guy) equals three (happy but awaiting mom and babes) ...

Is it Wednesday yet? That is the day my lover gets back home. Oh, he's only been gone for a day and a half and I already miss him. It's funny, I told him today when we talked on the phone that I really didn't miss him because of all he does to help out, I seem to be doing fine in that area. No, I miss him because he's him and I miss his company. It's nice to have him come home after work and for me to have someone to chat with about stuff other than the wonderful ramblings of a three (almost 4) year old and the cries and babbles of a 9.5 month old. Time does seem to be going by fast, so I know Wednesday will be here soon.

In other news, Maddie is doing much better. However, she has been waking up way earlier than her norm. Today it was 6am and she was chipper and not sleepy at all. I on the other hand was barely alive. I am not happy about this new twist on wake-up times, especially when Isaac is sleeping in until 7-7:30! She has been having really long afternoon naps, most likely because she has been sick and not feeling well. But now that she's better I think I will try waking her up after 2 hours if she's still sleeping and see if that helps. Tonight she was asleep by 8pm, her head swimming with instructions I gave her on nighttime etiquette while Daddy's away. Poor kid! But I need to do something to save my sanity! If they both wake up at the same time I need her to know she needs to be quiet and wait patiently until I can come to her after dealing with Isaac. But first and foremost I told her she should try to sleep without waking up until the sun was shining. She promised she would, and she is pretty good about keeping her promises.

OK, well, I should also do my part to help the situation out and go to bed early. Just in case. But I do believe in the sleep fairy and I just know she will be kind enough to stop by our place tonight and sprinkle not only the children, but me too, with that wonderful, magical dust of hers!

Buenas noches!

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