Sunday, May 9, 2010

♥ Happy Mother's Day ♥

On this lovely day, I, a lucky mother of two, got awakened at 6:30am by a certain little monkey who is getting 3 teeth at once. My wonderful hubby got up to tend to him, changed his massive poopy diaper and then brought him into bed with us, in the hopes that perhaps we would go back to sleep. But, it was not to be. He nursed for a bit, but mostly he wanted to practice his moves. Standing, kneeling, more standing and more kneeling. So I held his little hands and provided the support he needed. I was given the chance to go back to sleep, but I decided to get up too. Just 2 minutes ago, my little daughter woke up, telling us about her bad dream: I was in a rocket ship and went away and never came back. I assured her mommy would never leave, never, ever, ever. A few hugs and cuddles cheered her up. I can smell the waffles cooking and I know today is going to be a lovely day!

To me, Mother's Day is not about taking a break from being a mother. It's about celebrating the mothers in our lives and all they've done and still do for us. It's about being grateful for being able to be a mother and for spending time with the little people in my life that have made me a mother. I don't deny that a little massage, foot rub or other pampering deed is nice (thanks hubby for the lovely massage last night!), but it certainly is only a minuscule part of what today is about.

So, thank you to my wonderful mother! And to my hubby's mother and to my grandmothers and his grandmothers! And to all my awesome mommy friends! And to all those that may not be mothers yet, but so want to be, I remember being where you are and so I wish your dreams come true, soon.

♥ Happy Mother's Day to you! ♥

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you!!
    -Taryn =)


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