Friday, June 18, 2010

Babysitter #1

For the first time ever we are having a babysitter come over tonight to watch the kiddos. Whenever we go out or need someone to watch them, my mom always comes over, but she is out of town right now. So tonight we are having one of my really good friends come over. She has 2 kiddos of her own so I know they will be fine and I trust her completely. But still, it's a big step for us and naturally I am going to be nervous about it. I worry mostly about Isaac. I hope and pray that he stays asleep. Luckily our event isn't until later in the evening so we will be able to leave them bathed and leave Isaac asleep. If he is going to wake up I hope it's after we're home and if it's before I pray she is able to keep him calm and get him back to sleep. Oi! I better stop thinking about it too much! Please send good thoughts our way for a smooth and peaceful evening and night!!!

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