Saturday, June 19, 2010


Last night went amazingly well. I was actually very pleasantly surprised. Ken gave the kiddos a bath and I nursed Isaac and left him asleep. We waited for a few minutes to make sure he wasn't going to wake up right away...and when he didn't, we left. I tried not to think about it too much so when I looked at the clock and it was almost 9pm I started to get curious! And then I remembered that I didn't write down our cell number down for Vanessa. I knew she must have it in her phone, but just to make sure she had it handy I called home. She said Maddie fell asleep no problem and that Isaac was still fast asleep. Phew! I insisted that she shouldn't worry if she had to call us to come home at any time. With that, I was more relaxed to enjoy the evening. We were at the Grad Gala for this year's graduating residents and it was lots of fun. Ken and his co-resident did the roast for the grads and it was hilarious! I'm so glad I got to see that! It was nice to spend time with Ken, chat with people I haven't seen in a long time and just get out to enjoy the beautiful summer evening. When we got home at 11pm I was sure Isaac would either already be awake or wake up shortly after, but nope. He didn't even wake up at 11:30pm when I got in bed. In fact I didn't hear from him until 5:30am when he got up for the day. I guess asking him to sleep in a little was too much to ask after he'd been so good!

Today it's another lovely, sunny, warm day. After Isaac had a little nap after breakfast (which we actually had to wake him up from!), we went to the market and then swimming with our friend and his little boy. Maddie and him got along so great, it was fun to be outside on such a gorgeous day. Now it's time for burgers on the barbee!

What a great Father's Day Weekend!

P.S. Just a shout out to my's his birthday today and I want to wish him all the best for the coming year! Love you dude!

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