Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dead battery

My battery is dead. I wish I could just plug in to recharge. I am exhausted. Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too. If Isaac had been my first baby it would have been very hard to convince me to have a second baby. He is so demanding and dealing with him just drains me. The poor kiddo is a happy, stubborn, easy going kid all in one, but he's got these health issues that get in the way and cause havoc in his little body. Tonight he cried for almost 2 hours (this is not an unusual even in our home at night, unfortunately)...it was so easy to see he was in pain. I tried everything and finally my foggy, sleep deprived brain thought to heat up the magic bag and give him some chamomile tea. It didn't take long for him to conk out after that. But first, an amount of gas not normal for a baby to have, was finally let free. Poor kid. It's a good thing we have a recheck with our ND tomorrow morning. She had mentioned food allergy/sensitivity testing before and I think I am going to have it done so we know what the heck is going on with him. On top of all this, he seems to always be sick with something. Hand, foot and mouth a couple weeks ago, roseola this last week, always a runny nose or a cough...the poor kiddo can't get a break and neither can I. Ah well. Life goes on. And you know, I wouldn't trade that little stinker for anything in the world!

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