Sunday, June 13, 2010

Surviving the Sickies

Deep breathe in, deep breathe out. Take a bite of chocolate. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

This is what has kept me going for the last few weeks. When the kiddos get sick and are sick for days and weeks on end, everything seems to get harder. Easy tasks seem like monumental chores. Getting through the day is tricky, especially when the difficulties continue on into the night. I have not had a good nights sleep in, well, umm, I don't remember. The poor kiddos are also not sleeping well, what with the coughing, fevers, and stuffy noses. Ah, the fun times of immune system development.

On Friday I had to take Maddie to the Emerg. She was having difficulty breathing. She would get coughing and just could not stop and her breaths were shallow and I could just tell she was having a hard time. They gave her some ventolin (she did so well with the mask!) and the chest x-ray was it's most likely a virus and her airways were just irritated and inflamed. It was a crazy experience. It was just me and the kiddos and it was hard to juggle the two of them! My Beco came in handy, yet again, and Isaac was pretty content, until he got too tired and just crashed and cried and cried! Thankfully it was when we were almost done. I feel bad for the nurse who was doing our discharge and trying to explain how to use the aerochamber! Oh well. She knows how it rolls when there are kiddos involved! She brought out a popsicle for each of them and Isaac actually ate the whole thing on the drive home. It was the funniest thing to watch!Over the last couple days she has been improving and thankfully she is now sleeping without coughing every five minutes!

Isaac has had a fever on and off for a few days and the poor kiddo feels so crummy. He just whines and cries and I know he just feels awful. I hope he feels better soon.

Today was cleaning day and thanks to my Beco Isaac was happy and I was able to do all the chores. He even started to fall asleep while I was vacuuming and then the phone rang and woke him up! Hahaha.

I am thinking positive and keeping my fingers crossed that this week illnesses clear up and stay away just in time for summer! Surviving

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  1. Hope the sick bugs stay away from your house for awhile!


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