Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The day after her birthday, Maddie asked if she could get her ears pierced, “I’m four now, I’m ready.” This has been something she’s asked to do since she was about two and a half, so she’s been thinking about it for sometime! We thought about it and decided she was old enough to understand the process and handle it well. So I talked to her about what would happen and asked if she wanted to go that day. She thought about it and said, "Well maybe tomorrow." I think she needed time to prepare. So the next day she said she was ready. I drove her to the mall and we went to Peoples because I had heard they do both ears simultaneously (which I knew would be key to successfully pierce both ears!). But there was only one lady working. I was determined that it was happening! The lady suggested to try another jewellery store but when there was only one lady working there as well I asked if the two could get together. Thankfully they agreed! Maddie did so well. She listened to the instructions and sat very still while they figured out where the piercings would go. When the big moment came she asked to sit on my lap. So I held her close and told her it would be over really quick. It was. She didn't even flinch when the piercing guns shot. I looked at her little face and she had tiny little tears streaming down her face. I told her if it hurt it was OK to cry, so she did, but just for a minute. She then started eating her frozen yogurt. Once we got home she immediately showed my mom and she even showed Isaac, he just babbled and tried to pull her hair. But I could tell she was very excited. Two days after, she had swimming lessons and she was very concerned that they would fall out during class and wanted to take them out. I explained to her that they wouldn't, but she just wasn't understanding. So I began a game. I started listing different objects and asking if they would fall off in the water...sunglasses, hats, necklaces...then I continued on with body parts...noses, eyes, ears...when I asked her if earrings would fall off, she said "No!" And that was that. Of course after her lesson she realized that in fact she was right and there have been no issues since. She has done so well, not complaining when we have to clean them every day and she is good at resisting the urge to touch and play with them. Sometimes she'll catch herself touching them (to check on them) and she'll come and tell me right away. Cute kid.

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