Saturday, July 3, 2010

He is NOT almost one, is he? {He is!!!}

Today we are heading out with family and friends to a picnic ground, complete with rolling hills and splashing lake water, to celebrate Isaac's first birthday. This time last year I was so very, very pregnant and so very, very ready to meet Isaac. In all honesty, there really are no words to explain how much in shock I am that he is going to be one (ONE!!!) in a few days. Yes, time has gone by slow...and fast at times. Yes, there have been many rough patches...and yes, there have been times when I have wished these hard moments away. But as I did, I was also wishing away my baby's first year. And this makes me sad. You'd think that the second time around, I'd know better and realize that time does not stop, it does not wait for you to get your bearings and your sanity together so you are better able to enjoy the present. No, it just keeps flowing past, and before you know it, you are watching your wee one taking his first steps and learning his first words and turning his head away when you try to nurse him. But there have also been good times. Many good times. Funny times. And loving, cuddly times. Isaac is truly a ray of sunshine. Full blown sunshine and there are no sunglasses around. He is intense and amazing and everything he is and does is always so full, so to the brim. He is my amazing little boy. And for him I will gladly survive on little sleep, because before I know it he really will be all grown up.


  1. Oh, it's hard to believe isn't it!? You're right, the little sleep is so worth it. :)


  2. Aww, this made me teary eyed Kat. :) It's crazy how fast that year went!! Xo

  3. ONE!? Really? I can't believe it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN! I can't wait to see the new pictures from the park! ;) (hint hint nudge nudge)

  4. this post spoke to me! i was just thinking the same things today! you wish you could always remember how quickly it all does pass and that you'll never have it back, and not feel so grumpy with so little sleep! lol! thanks for the reminder with this post! perfectly stated!


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