Friday, July 2, 2010

I cheated

I ate a delicious chocolate croissant today. Chock full of wheat. I bought one for Maddie and one was supposed to be for Ken, but well I caved and had one bite. One bite led to another and before I knew it, I was enjoying it too much. Not only did I eat it, but I also gave Isaac some. Ooops (If you are wondering why this is such a big deal, read here and here). He was crying full force on the way home from grocery shopping and well, I wanted him to stop (and I had run out of other snacks). Needless to say the chocolate croissant did the trick, even if it was a tiny piece. Well, he had a couple tiny pieces. I will pay the price tonight, I am assuming, with yet more crap sleep. So far he's been OK. But he did just have some upchuck after gagging on a rice cracker, pretty slimy stuff. And during his nap he refluxed a couple of times in his sleep. I'm sure his little belly is not tolerating it well. The other day I was wondering if perhaps he'd outgrown his intolerance (he actually had a Chinese dumpling last weekend and did fine). But it looks like he may not be quite tolerant of wheat yet. Yes, I feel awful and guilty and ashamed.

P.S. Yikes. I just realized I sound like an addict! One bite led to another, and well I couldn't help myself! Sheesh! Have some self control woman!


  1. Hehe... It sounds delicious!! I'm sure you're not the first mom to cave to stop the crying, and I doubt you'll be the last!! ;) Hopefully Isaac will be rid of the intolerance soon!! xo

  2. sounds delicious! i would have cried for a bite too! lol!


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