Thursday, July 29, 2010

An olive oil story

When Maddie was two she had an incident with olive oil. It was fairly innocent. No one got hurt. In fact it was kind of cute. I will always remember her little voice telling me it was just "a problem accident."

Well, today, at 4:30pm as I was cooking supper Isaac, silly little Isaac, opened up the cupboard, reached in and dropped the olive oil jar right on the floor. All in a matter of seconds, no time for me to save the day. The jar crashed to the floor and shattered into hundreds of pieces all over and around our feet. I immediately felt the sting of glass cutting into my skin and I was instantly washed over with immense fear about what damage had been done to Isaac's little feet. I scooped him up, carefully avoiding the slippery puddles of olive oil and shards of glass all around and rushed to the bathroom sink. I left a little trail of blood from my foot. I rinsed his feet off and was shocked to see that he sustained the tiniest of cuts. Literally it was about a millimeter big and it didn't even really bleed. I am one very grateful mama right now. It could have been so much worse. All that glass...? One tiny little cut? Just one! Tiny.One. Wow. One very lucky blessed boy.

Needless to say this most recent incident has finally caused me to reach my limit. So far we had been doing OK without totally baby proofing the cabinets. But also, so far, we had been more careful to not have things like killer glass at hands reach. The major things (like cleaners, plastic bags, choking hazards, etc) were safely gadget-ed away. But today just one second of distraction (I could have swore that I put the jar all the way back in the cupboard!) could have led to a very serious injury. Ken was not-so-very-gently urged to install all the guards on the cabinets and I am looking forward to cooking tomorrow. I will still have to be on the lookout with this boy, but at least I know the last of the potentially very dangerous things are truly out of reach now.

I think it's safe to say that Isaac, on the other hand, will not be very pleased when he goes to open up the doors. Sorry my little boy, it's for your own good.

P.S. Oh and in case you are took me almost an hour to clean the mess up. So much oil. So much glass. I triple checked to make sure all the glass was gone. I think I've slightly scarred Maddie about stepping on glass. Well at least she will be careful.

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