Saturday, August 7, 2010

Seaport Market, Chester and Finally Walking!

Even though we didn't sleep all too well last night, we were up and ready to go early in the morn. Today was the grand opening of the new Seaport Farmer's Market and we were excited to see what it was like. Ken was hoping to get our shopping done quick because we wanted to go to Chester and enjoy the beach and the sun.

The market was packed. We lucked out with a parking spot. When we got in we realized pretty quickly that all our regulars were all in the same section, so despite the throngs of people we were able to get our stuff in record time. We had a few memorable moments. I was offered a free peach (delicious) by our fishmonger Mike. I was also offered (well more like gently forced) to eat a raw scallop by him too. It was actually delicious. After I got over the fact that I ate a raw scallop I actually enjoyed it and next week I may opt to buy some fresh scallops and eat a few raw, I may. We also bought, for the first time, a beef heart for the dogs, which according to our butcher, they will just love. Maddie was pretty interested in seeing the heart and asking what all the parts where.

Overall, I was very pleased with the new Market. All the vendors were excited and there was a fresh, vibrant energy all around. I just know there are people out there complaining and pointing out all the negatives about the new location, but in all honesty, I think the new market is great. And I am not an easy critic. Yes there were a lot of people, but it's not going to be like that all the time. It was just today, because it was new; the first day. I am actually looking forward to having some of my favorite foodstuffs accessible more often and to seeing how the market's vibe evolves over the next few weeks.

So after our market adventure we headed home to put the stuff in the fridge and then headed right back out to Chester. Isaac napped on the way there (thankfully). It was a sunny, but windy day. When we first arrived I was actually cold. We flew the kite around for a bit and then found a quaint little beach where the wind wasn't too annoying.

Ken and I ventured out in search of fish and chips while my parents and my grandma who is visiting from B.C. (oh yeah, I forgot to mention they came along) stayed and played with the kiddos. I love those little, short getaways with Ken. We found a classic Nova Scotia pub type restaurant and ordered. While they got it ready we walked around. Chester had an art show happening so we got to see the artists' works. I honestly can't wait until I can afford to spend money on art. I fell in love with a painting, but it was $300. We just don't have that kind of mula to spend on that right now!

I digress. When the food was ready we headed back and had a picnic on the beach. After lunch there was some time to spare so the kiddos played in the sand and water and got themselves nice and dirty and tired out. When Isaac started to get whiny and Maddie started to say "No" to everything we knew it was time to head home for a nap. Isaac managed to stay awake on the way home by playing "throw-Maddie's-hat-back-and-forth" with Maddie and by an ABBA sing along performed my Maddie and me; it was the only CD left in the car that wasn't kid songs (which we were sick of!). Nap was great and then we had a delish supper of fresh haddock and sweet corn.

After supper Isaac surprised us by walking around more than he had ever done before! The little stinker finally decided it was time to try out his sea legs. So far he'd been pretty keen on just scooting around; he did amazingly well! You could tell he was so proud of himself and we are so excited!

All in all today was a superb day. Let's hope tonight is a better night. I think he might be getting a tooth, or maybe it's the walking milestone, but something's got Isaac worked up and not sleeping well. Oh well, it's always something with these little ones.

On that note, I am off. Better get some sleep while I can.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend!! So glad to hear reviews about the new market! Can't wait to check it out next week! I was a little nervous just because I love the atmosphere of the old one so much, but I'm glad to see I've only heard good reviews!


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